måndag, april 03, 2006

Matilda needs

Läste om det här hos Lina.

Googla ditt namn + needs och lista de tio första sakerna du får upp.

1. Matilda needs to get off the bus at Potsdammer Platz.

Hm. Ja. Kanske om jag befann mig i Tyskland? Eller vart ligger det? Haha...

2. Matilda needs all the help she can get.

Oh, how true...

3. Matilda needs a makeover because she is running around and she needs outfits that calm her down. I think she should have something very sophisticated, maybe demure...

Might have to think about that one, yes.

4. Matilda needs 7 days to consider the event before agreeing to give it the go ahead.

Hahaha. Läskigt nära. Nu asgarvar somliga av mina vänner... ;)

5. Matilda needs Leon to save her life.

Leon, whenever you're ready...

6. Matilda needs a home with a person who can pick her up if need be.

Jaa. Känner du ngn?

7. Matilda needs breakfast.

Ja. Varje dag. :)

8. Matilda needs your help.


9. Matilda needs seven layers of varnish (she's a very high maintenance lady).

Well duh! ;p

10. Matilda needs a maté brought to her in bed and put in her hand to drink.

Kunde inte ha sagt det bättre själv...

I'm stunned!

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