söndag, augusti 15, 2010

Gotta get away

Hold up a second
I've got something on my dirty mind
I start out with good intentions
But mess it up like all the time
I try to keep up with appearance
But always end up way out of line...

I need some kinda miracle
'Cause that will solve my faith in science
So I put my faith in me

She said there just must be more to life than this
He said careful 'cause you might just get your wish

Hey girl
What your momma never told ya
Is love hurts when you do it right
You can cry when you get older

This incomprehensible boredom takes a hold again
And in this other dream
I'm on top of the world
Ahead of the game
I think of reality
And it hits me hardcore to the brain

We gotta get away

[Robyn: You can cry when you get older]

I am oh so sick and tired of my beating heart. Therefore.

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