måndag, februari 25, 2008

The Oscars 2008

Helen Mirren, Catherine Heigl, Heidi Klum and Anne Hathaway

Jessica Alba (w/ hubbie)

Cameron Diaz

Tilda Swinton

Marion Cotillard

Hillary Swank

Jennifer Garner, Amy Adams, Laura Linney and Penelope Cruz

Random Red Carpet Comments

So Heidi Klum is the first one to arrive. In red. Love the huge bob. But oh, George. You are too cute. And Helen Mirren looks absolutely gorge! Perhaps even better than last year. All the pressure off, stunning new dress and mwaaa. Anne Hathaway in also wearing red. But she does it the best. Truly looks like a classic moviestar. Ooo, Jessica Alba is sooo beautiful. And very pregnant. Glowing for sure. Lovely dark purple dress. Cameron Diaz - nah. Nothing special. Pink. Salmon pink. Tilda Swinton is being herself - pale w/o make up, wearing something hideous dark. Gotta love her fiery red hair, though. Marion Cotillard's dress... I'm sure others will like it, but it's not really my style. White, very detailed. And of course she's wearing French and Jean Paul Gaultier. Hillary Swank in black looked a lil' boring at first, but zooming in, it turns out to be much better than I thought. Wow, Penelope Cruz. Black blue leatherish corset with a furry cleavage! Def not bad. Catherine Heigl in red - as so many others. Not too special, but classy. I like Johnny Depp's wife's outfit. Jennifer Garner is surprisingly delish. I've never cared for her at all, but jee. Time to think again, clearly. Nice gown too. But to my great disappointment I haven't even caught a GLIMPSE of Meryl Streep... Or actually any of my fabs, besides Helen Mirren... And that's apparently it.

I did watch some of it. But fell asleep around 3.30 and woke up again an hour later. Watched back and forth. Finally gave in at 5.30 am. Marion won, Swinton won, as expected. But oh, so many stars were missing... I wonder if that has anything to do with the strike?

Anyway. Who knows. It's lovely spring weather outside. I'm sick of gowns. And I need to study.

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